Taxes are one of the two biggest enemies of wealth.

We understand the complexities of the tax code and can help you find the optimum solution.

The U.S. Tax Code is not easy. It is full of traps and loopholes. Most taxpayers are not equipped to evade the minefields hard wired into the code for the unwary. Our job is to help you find the best solution to a difficult problem. At Wealth Teams, we understand the tax code and stay updated so we can give our clients the best possible answers. We cannot eliminate taxes, but we often can minimize them.

There are tax implications to almost everything you do. Whether you are spending or saving, taxes will have a direct impact on your wealth. We are mindful of the tax consequences in our planning and make recommendations to reduce their impact wherever possible.

Our Teams consists of qualified tax professionals, Certified Public Accountants who can review your tax returns and determine whether there are opportunities for reducing your tax outlays. Our Teams will make recommendations to help you retain more of your income, without sacrificing control or appreciation. No one should make tax planning negatively impact their lifestyle. This is why knowing your story is so important. It helps us understand how to help you make the best decisions.

“We believe people spend more time planning their vacations than their financial wellbeing. At Wealth Teams, we are here to help you do both.”