Uncertainty and the Coronavirus

I’m sure the uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus has every investor concerned about the future of their portfolio and the market. Will the market go up or will it continue to slide until there is hardly anything left? No one knows. But the one thing we do know, based on over 95 years of data, is that the market will always reflect the future expected cash flows of the underlying companies.

If an investor believes that business will stop earning income indefinitely and that the earnings of the past are gone forever, then they will react pessimistically. However, if they believe in free enterprise, capitalism, and the spirit of the entrepreneur, they will be optimistic, believing the public companies will recover the revenues in time and forge ahead.

Almost all of our clients and friends are investors, not gamblers. But if I were a gambler, I would never bet against the American spirit and the resilience of corporate America.

Stay safe and calm. This too will pass.