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The Great Wealth Erosion

Reading this book will help you understand some very important principles every investor should consider when they invest their “safe” money for long periods of time.
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The Bogus January Effect

Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist at First Trust Portfolios debunks the theory regarding January's market behavior signaling what the market will do all year long.
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It Is What Tiggers Do

Many of you remember Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Tigger was the most exuberant character and his most stand out and well-known feature was his very springy tail. When Tigger was in a bouncing mood he is actually expressed his zest for life by bouncing...
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Modern Portfolio Theory

Wealth Teams provides access to portfolios and investments that utilize the latest research in the financial field.
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Interested in Lifestyle Planning?

Come read the series of articles based on frequently asked questions about financial matters. How should I invest? How do I get out of debt? How much do I need at retirement? Guy Baker has applied his 45+ years of experience working with clients, writing books and various informative essays focused on helping educate individual investors on their many questions.
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Rest assured. We're experts.

We want you to know that Guy Baker was chosen as one of the top 250 wealth advisors in the US by WORTH Magazine in 2010
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Who is Wealth Teams Solutions?

Wealth Teams is a group of dedicated professionals .helping clients accumulate capital for retirement. Once they reach retirement, WTS prepares a distribution plan with the highest probability of lasting throughout retirement. We have access to the most recent research and strategies used to provide a PayCheck for Life, regardless of economic conditions.

Why We Do What We Do

What we do, and how we do it is NOT nearly as important as, WHY we do it. For over 20 years, Guy Baker watched clients lose money with big name, investment advisers. In 1992, he discovered and implemented The Wealth Teams Solution built around the 1990 Nobel Prize winning research and data. His decision has proven to be very beneficial to clients, protecting their portfolios from market turbulence and delivering exceptional long term returns.

How will WTS benefit you?

Wealth TEAMS Solutions

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