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The Great Wealth Erosion

Reading this book will help you understand some very important principles every investor should consider when they invest their “safe” money for long periods of time.
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Plow Horse Keeps Plodding

There are three things going on in the markets right now. First, most all of us know that long term performance smooths out short term volatility. By definition, weekly, monthly, or quarterly data will always be more volatile than the long term trend. Go back to the 1980s or 1990s, when real GDP growth was 4%, a “slow” quarter was 2%.
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Modern Portfolio Theory

Wealth Teams provides access to portfolios and investments that utilize the latest research in the financial field.
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Rest assured. We're experts.

We want you to know that Guy Baker was chosen as one of the top 250 wealth advisors in the US by WORTH Magazine in 2010
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Wealth TEAMS' Small IRAs

Have less than $100,000, but want to invest? We have developed a way to keep down costs and still be able to invest in Dimensional Fund Advisors. This is a way for those with limited resources to have the ability to invest with our premiere DFA system. To learn more about DFA and how they have four Nobel Prizes behind their investment strategy, click here.
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Who is Wealth Teams Solutions?

Wealth Teams is a group of dedicated professionals helping clients accumulate capital for retirement. Once they reach retirement, WTS prepares a distribution plan designed to last throughout retirement. We have access to the most recent research and strategies used to provide a "PayCheck for Life," regardless of economic conditions.

Why We Do What We Do

What we do, and how we do it is NOT nearly as important as, WHY we do it. For over 20 years, Guy Baker watched clients lose money with big name, investment advisers. In 1992, he discovered and implemented The Wealth Teams Solution built around the 1990 Nobel Prize winning research and data. His decision has proven to be very beneficial to clients, reducing volatility in turbulent markets and delivering consistent long term returns. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please see complete performance presentation for details.

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