How we work with you

As your Wealth Coach, we focus on delivering to you and all of our clients the most up to date ideas and concepts to provide a consistent, stable income throughout retirement. Our methodology continues to evolve as we network and discuss our concepts and determinations with other professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

However, we know you must be an integral part of the team. Without your input, we are dealing in numbers. Our process was developed through more the fifty years of working with clients, just like you, to answer the three most common questions about planning.

  1. What is your number?
  2. How much more do I have to save to reach it?
  3. How do I invest so I have the highest probability of reaching my retirement objectives?

Studies have shown less than 15% of Americans can answer these questions. Our process is designed to help you discover the answers and then coach you on the road to accomplishing your objective.

Our process is not just about finding out your risk tolerance. We want to know your long term objectives and the obstacles you feel are impeding your progress. As you Wealth Coach, our job is to help you get on track and stay on track. Life happens! We know this, so we are here to help you through those times as well. As a Wealth Coach, we know life is not a straight line. But our resources and experience are available to help you in any way you want support and assistance.

Watching Out for You

Our work for our clients is ongoing. We track performance and are constantly looking for better ways to deliver a better client experience. We use Orion and Y Charts to monitor and measure portfolio results. We are proactive in our efforts to bring you more than just investment performance. However, that is our primary focus.

We closely follow markets events, national and world activities. We adhere to a disciplined process that is based on historical data and hypothesis testing. We believe in Expected Returns. However, we also know things change, And because life is not a straight line, we are there to help you adjust your portfolio to your changing circumstances.

We often say, “Markets go up and markets go down.” This is our way of saying that the long-term view is the best view. But it is important to keep in mind personal issues and considerations. As your Wealth Coach, our job is to help you achieve your objectives. Even if you want to discuss a real estate opportunity, a new business venture, or how to fund a college education, we are there for you. So please call.