Legacy planning is one of the most important tasks any family can do for their heirs.

Without good planning, businesses crumble, assets are often forced to be liquidated and family discord can occur. Good estate planning does NOT guarantee this still won’t happen, but it does provide a roadmap for the family to follow when death occurs. Whether the planning is simple (wills and trusts), complex (discounts and charitable planning), a well constructed estate plan might save 10-20% of the estate or more. This is money that might otherwise go to unnecessary fees and taxes. The WTA has helped many families talk about these problems and find solutions that were custom designed for them. If you need to think through these issues, a Wealth Coach is there to help you with the process.

Everyone needs to think through the THREE key questions virtually no one can answer without help. 1). What is your number? 2). How much do you need to save to reach your number? and 3). What is an effective and cost efficient framework for investing that has the highest probability of reaching your number. WTA has answers for these questions. Your Wealth Coach can help you model alternative outcomes so you can see the range of options you have available. If you are unable to answer these questions with certainty, WTA would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and help you fashion a planning framework.