Markets go up and markets go down.

Use an Intellectual Framework to “be” the market. Protect your framework from emotional reactions to market chaos.

Over time, markets have always gone up, by more than inflation. A sound investment plan needs to be built on sound research. historical evidence, the scientific method, and robust data. Evidence based investing has proven no one can pick stocks based on research and ever beat markets. The talking heads on TV are noise. Performance is based on long term results based on sound, evidence based principles.

A sound framework must be sensible, robust over all time periods, pervasive across all markets, cost effective and worth doing. Our low-cost investment approach is based on five Nobel Prizes winners who have documents evidence to show how submarkets, when managed properly will improve return.

We are like a good chef. We use excellent recipes and only the best ingredients to build your portfolio so it can match or beat the benchmarks. There are no guarantees, but our intellectual framework has done exceedingly well over many decades. We pick the best ingredients, we optimize your portfolio using the Efficient Frontier and we keep you on it quarterly, by rebalancing.

“There is no way anyone can know what the markets will do today or tomorrow. But overtime,  based on historical evidence, it is pretty safe to say the markets will go up. The Wealth Teams Solution is designed to optimize your returns and minimize your risk.”