Discover the Scientific Framework We Use To Build Investment Portfolios

Our Portfolio Theory Has Historically Beaten Traditional Active Manager Returns by 25%

Reduce portfolio risk, volatility and high expenses on your annual returns.

Are You Losing 40-50% of Your Annual Return?

According to a Recent Dalbar Study, the AVERAGE Investor Received Less Than 3.4% Return on Investment Over the Last 20 Years…

However, Wealth Teams Alliance has achieved a market return of 10.5% in the same time period by using the methodologies found in their Four-Factor Investment Model.

In other words, using our unique investment methods, which were developed from the 1990 Nobel Prize winners in Economics…

we were able to beat the market by over 300%.


Do You Think That All Investment Portfolios Are The Same?

Intuitively you probably know that the answer is negative, but do you know why? 

Now we’ve learned a shocking thing talking to seasoned advisors and stock brokers.

They literally do not know how to build an investment portfolio using historic data and the scientific method. They have no measurable process for building investment portfolios.

Now what if we told you that our portfolios have almost a 95% probability of performing at or better than the benchmark for the same portfolio…

You might wonder how that is possible?

The reason it is possible is because the research and data behind our portfolios were developed by Five Nobel Prize Winners dating back to the 1950’s. 

Their research shows that the stock market in not homogeneous. In other words…

there are sub-markets within the stock market that out-perform the market as a whole.

There are three factors to look at when analyzing sub-markets:

Investment Anomaly #1: Capitalization
Investment Anomaly #2:
Book Market Ratio
Investment Anomaly #3: Profitability


Our Research Shows That There Are Over 360 Identifiable Strategies & Theories On Investing

So, which one is the best one?

If you boil all of these strategies down to their essence, then there are three factors you need to take into account when looking at sub-markets.

The first of these is called Capitalization, which refers to the size of a company. Our research has found that Capitalization impacts the stock’s performance.

Secondly, the book market ratio has an impact on a stock’s return as well. This refers to the ratio of net worth to capitalization.

And finally, how profitable a company is determines value over time.

Each of these factors, we refer to as Investment Anomalies.”

Now these might seem very obvious. However, we’ve analyzed hundreds of investment portfolios and found that rarely do portfolios take into account all three of these anomalies.

We call these Investment Anomalies because each is unique and must be captured by creating asset classes to track the research.

How you combine these asset classes determines the outcome of your portfolio over time. 

  • Our investment strategies have outperformed the market by 300% in the last 20 years. How? Because there are sub-markets that outperform the stock market as a whole.
  • Having based our strategies on the research of Nobel Prize Winners we’ve focused on “Investment Anomalies” to create investment portfolios.
  • If you’re not using these methodologies, then you could be losing up to 40-50% on your annual return.

This Proven Methodology is known as the Efficient Frontier

At Wealth Teams Alliance, we’ve learned how to track the asset classes (Capitalization, Book Market Ratio, Profitability) to improve the value of investment portfolios over time.

We have recreated a proven methodology for determining how to build a portfolio using scientifically tested conclusions that researchers have made about investment anomalies.

And Now We Can Use This Research To Effectively Analyze Your Portfolio

At Wealth Teams Alliance, we can perform an assessment on your investment portfolio, which will tell us how much risk you are buying and where your investment portfolio is on the Efficient Frontier.

FREE Portfolio Assessment Using An – Expected-Return Analysis

Learn How Much Risk You Are Buying & Where You Are On the Efficient Frontier

When you schedule a portfolio assessment with Wealth Teams Alliance, we will complete an Expected-Return Analysis for you, for FREE.

  • Know If Your Portfolio Is Losing Potential Returns: Due to excess portfolio risk and fees, many investors can lose up to 40-50% of potential annual returns!
  • Understand How Much Risk You Are Buying: Using our Expected-Return Analysis, we can determine the amount of risk & volatility that already exists within your investment portfolio.
  • Get A Customized Solution Tailored To Your Goals: We will analyze where you are on the Efficient Frontier and what you can do to reach your investment goals.

See what our Founder, Guy Baker has to say:

“Discover Our 4-Factor Investment Model”

In this consultation we’ll explain our 4-Factor Investment Model that will show you how smaller investors are able to take advantage of what smart money people have known for more than 40 years!

Guy Baker
Founder of Wealth Teams Alliance

Get Your Free, No Risk, Expected-Return Analysis

Know How Much Risk You’re Buying & How “Efficient” Your Investment Portfolio Really Is!


“We Want To Bring Value To Your Retirement Planning Process”

“Helping other people find out about Guy Baker and the Wealth Teams Alliance is really a critical benefit for them. We also know that your finances are key part of your life and we want to become part of that process of bringing value to people in a very critical subject: Retirement & the Planning Process.”

Dan McBride


Have Peace of Mind on Your Investment Portfolio with Our – Expected-Return Analysis

Do you ever feel out of control and find yourself wondering if you should continue taking risks in the stock market?

Is there a smarter way to invest than the way you are doing it?

There are so many different methods of investing in the stock market… However you’ll never know if what you’re doing is the best way unless you get professional guidance from financial advisors who have consulted with clients for over 50 years!

Our Financial Advisors Have Over 50+ years of Experience

This portfolio assessment & consultation is completely free and intended to help investors like you make smarter decisions on your future.

Get Your Free, No Risk, Expected-Return Analysis

Know How Much Risk You’re Buying & How “Efficient” Your Investment Portfolio Really Is!


“In this consultation we’ll explain our 4-Factor Investment Model that will show you how smaller investors are able to take advantage of what smart money people have known for more than 40 years!” 

Guy Baker

P.S.: Let me ask you a question. If you found out from a friend that they needed to have knee surgery or they had cancer, wouldn’t you encourage them to get a second opinion?

You probably would, especially if they’ve only seen one doctor and aren’t exactly sure on what to do.

A lot of people are this same situation financially. They’re not sure they’re getting the best advice. They’re not sure their portfolio is performing the way it should and they need a second opinion.

That’s what we do. We give second opinions. We’re not trying to sell anything, we’re just trying to educate and show people their options.

My wife always says, “People are options deprived,” and I’ve found that to be true. If you can understand your options then you can make good decisions.

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