“Everyone’s situation is different.” With Jason Hartman & Dr. Guy Baker

“Everyone’s situation is different. Generally speaking, I would advise them to put that money into a globally diversified equity fund comprised of up to 15,000 stocks, that is tuned to the “efficient frontier.” To me, the efficient frontier is that sweet spot everyone has between risk and reward. How much risk are you willing to feel comfortable with based on how much of a reward you need for taking a risk? Everyone’s efficient frontier is different.” – Guy Baker

FORBES – Will Coronavirus Quarantine Convince You To Retire Early?

“The boredom and inactivity, being isolated in your home with little productive to do, you may decide you have to build a life separate from your occupation,” says Dr. Guy Baker of Wealth Teams Alliance in Irvine, California. “This may cause you to be involved more in the church, community, missions work—maybe start a new business you can manage in retirement.”


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