Small business owners are pioneers. Much like the early pioneers who settled this country, they forge their own opportunities despite historical odds that say the most of them will fail. Though their expertise is limited to practical experience in their trade or profession, they are also in charge of marketing, finance, and personnel. Faced with limited time and expertise in these areas, owners need the advice of outside experts but seldom know where to turn for that help. A further challenge is that outside experts seldom coordinate their efforts as a team, sometimes resulting in conflicting goals and strategies.

Gary Huband holds a B.A degree in Economics from the University of Florida and a M.S. degree in Management and Accounting from Rollins College. He came to California in 1987 with his wife and six children to start his own business. For 25 years he practiced as a CPA, specializing in tax and accounting for corporations and business owners. Gary’s expertise is in developing tax-advantaged strategies for structuring business entities, buy/sell agreements, and exit strategies for business owners.

Now, recognizing the need to offer a broader array of services than taxes and accounting, Gary has been concentrating on the use of life insurance and annuities as effective tools in financial planning for businesses and individuals. In this specialty, he continues to work closely with CPAs and other specialists in offering a truly comprehensive team approach to financial services. He holds insurance licenses in California and Texas.

Gary is the proud father of four daughters, two sons and three grandsons. As much of his time is spent on the road, he enjoys listening to audiobooks and classical music.

Gary Huband
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