For investors with a portfolio of $500k or more who want to retire comfortably...

Are you unhappy with how your money is managed now? Do you wish you had somebody to talk to that has wisdom, that can answer questions quickly so you can move on to other important matters? Are you curios if there is a way to reduce risk and apply a probability based investment model to help you achieve your financial objectives?

If your investment advisor isn’t using our Wealth Teams Solutions’ Three Factor Model – developed over the last 50+ years and backed by groundbreaking probability based, scientific research developed from 6 Nobel Laureates in Economics – you could experience Investment EROSION of as much as 1% – 2% of your return from incurring too much risk, high fees, poor allocation, cash drag, and high trading costs. . . 

This could cost you 44% of your portfolio value over the next 30 years!

In our 30+ years of doing business with clients like you, we have found there are 4 reasons why someone would want to talk to a company like us. People that talk with us are:

  1. Unhappy with their returns
  2. Unhappy with their service
  3. Losing, or have lost confidence in their advisor
  4. Concerned about the risk of the market and are looking for a better way to invest

Can you relate?

If you’re like most investors, you’re probably worried over the current economic volatility, tax environment, and global uncertainty, especially when it comes to your retirement.

Most people want to know what they have to do to be a successful investor.

Is there a process or a methodology that can help you reduce risk and stabilize your portfolio? There is.

You’ve probably seen a lot of ads lately about why you should have a CFP helping you manage your money for retirement.

While this is true, all CFP’s are not created equal. Warren Buffet says to be a successful investor, you need two things:

  1. An intellectual framework based on probabilities and sound economic principle.
  2. An emotional guardrail to prevent you from destroying the framework when the market gets chaotic.

Ask your investment advisor to explain their intellectual framework.

Does your investment advisor even have an intellectual framework? And if they do, is it based on a body of work created by Six Nobel Laureates where they contributed to a scientific methodology that can reduce risk and provide a potential for greater returns based on the research and probabilities?

Are All Investment Portfolios the Same?

Not according to the scientific research done by the Six Nobel Laureates and our Wealth Teams Solutions’ Three Factor Model. A survey of 20,000+ investors in the Three Factor Model said that this method brings peace of mind and security in uncertain markets.

I have devoted the last 30+ years of my life, taking the body of work from these Six Nobel Laureates, combined that with my Ph.D. in Financial and Retirement Planning and developed a methodology we call, “The Wealth Teams Solution.

The Wealth Teams Solution is a process of giving you a high probability of having a time-tested portfolio based on the scientific method. It has three main factors:

  1. Tools for managing the diversity of submarkets.
  2. Probability and Expected Return.
  3. Efficient Frontier.

We want to help you clearly see how the Efficient Frontier can help you determine:

  1. How much risk you are buying in your portfolio.
  2. How you might get the same return for less risk.
  3. How you might get a better return for the same risk.

What do we mean when we say, “You are buying risk?”

Every portfolio has risk built in to your allocation. But not all risk is the same. Some portfolios with the same risk tolerance has more volatility than other combinations.

How is this possible? Let us do a Free Expected Return Analysis on your portfolio ($2500 value).

With this Expected Return Analysis (ERA), we will show you where you are on the Efficient Frontier. The Efficient Frontier measures portfolio allocations based on the expected return for a specified level of risk. Using the Efficient Frontier, you can identify at your risk level, the portfolio allocation that is expected to deliver the highest return.

When we do an Expected Return Analysis on your portfolio, you will clearly see what return you have been getting, and what you can expect to get from us. Your ERA will also show you why your return is not the most efficient for the amount of risk you are willing to take.

We charge $2500 for this analysis, but this is available as a free gift to you for exploring this concept with you.

Why do we offer this?

Three reasons: 1) We want you to have the highest probability of reaching your retirement objectives; 2) You’ve worked and saved long enough, you shouldn’t have to face retirement uncertainty; and 3) We’re confident that when you see the power of an intellectual framework and the difference our Wealth Teams Solution can deliver, you will want to work with us and as so many of our clients do, refer us to others.

To schedule your free, no obligation Expected Return Analysis, please click the button below.

“Wealth Teams has allowed us to be comfortable and confident in our retirement years”

– Jill

“Dr. Guy Baker with Wealth Teams has been a very major player helping us manage the reserves we need for over 100 cases in active litigation”

– Brad

“When I retired from JC Penney’s is I hadn’t invested with Guy Baker and Wealth Teams, I’m sure that I wouldn’t be as comfortable as I am today”

– Lee

Guy Baker was selected as one of the Top 250 Advisors in the country by Worth Magazine and has been selected eight times as a Five Star Professional in Orange County.

About Guy Baker:

Guy has been a wealth and liability consultant since graduating college over fifty years ago. As a frequent writer and speaker, he has addressed advisors in more than thirty countries, appeared on numerous talk shows and tele-video conferences, and many times from the Platform of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). He is in the NAEPC’s Estate Planning Hall of Fame. Has lectured at various estate planning council meetings around the US, been a keynote speaker at several CLU institutes, and was featured on numerous American Society Televideo conferences.

His most recent book, The Great Wealth Erosion, details the four factors investors need to understand and improve portfolio performance. Other books written by Guy include Manage Markets, Not Stocks and Investment Alchemy, which are both guides to understanding Modern Portfolio Theory. He also wrote Market Tune-Up, Why People Buy, Baker’s Dozen – 13 Principles for Financial Success, and Maximize the RedZone, a guide for business owners. His bestselling book is The Box, an easily understood guide to the mathematics of life insurance.

Guy has been featured in a number of places and has also written numerous books. See below for an abbreviated list of his many accomplishments.

Professional Awards & Affiliations

  • Served as the 84th President of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) – the premier association of financial professions with over 66,000 members in 72 countries – and has qualified for the same organization 48 times.
  • Recipient of the 77th John Newton Russell Award (2019). The highest honor given by the financial services industry to an individual who has demonstrated high achievement and merit as an advisor, volunteer, and servant leader. Given annually by the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA).
  • Recipient of the Norman G Levine Live Achievement Award by the California State NAIFA Chapter. Guy is the 40th advisor in California to receive this honor.
  • One of only fifteen members of the Top of the Table (TOT) to qualify more than forty times
  • President of MDRT Foundation in 2000
  • Board Member, Advanced Association of Life Underwriters (AALU), Washington D.C based, working with Congress to formulate industry-responsive legislation
  • Two-term President, National Association of Family Wealth Counselors, which he helped found
  • Pacific Life’s Preston Hotchkis “Distinguished Achievement Award,” 1971 & 1995
  • Elected to the National Association of Estate Planning Council Hall of Fame, 2005
  • Named by Worth Magazine as one of the USA’s top 250 financial planners, 2010
  • Chosen by OC Metro as a 5-Star Advisor five times, 2012-2018

Professional Experience

  • Manages several entities developed to address the three circles of wealth of high net worth (HNW) families.
  • Co-manager, Insight Wealth Solutions, LP – a multi-disciplinary practice acting as wealth consultants for HNW families and businesses.
  • President, Associates in Insurance Concepts, Inc dba BTA Advisory Group – a risk management consulting firm specializing in life insurance and 401(k)s
  • Managing Director, BMI Consulting, LLC – a national management consulting firm addressing the problems facing closely held businesses, succession, executive compensation, and transition strategies
  • President, Baker-Mountford Insurance Services, Inc.
  • Managing Member, Wealth Teams Alliance – a Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA).


  • Bachelor of Science in Economics (BS) in 1967 from Claremont McKenna College
  • Master of Business Administration in Finance (MBA) in 1968 from the University of Southern California
  • Master of Financial Services (MSFS) in 1983 from The American College
  • Master of Management (MSM) in 1984 from The American College
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Financial and Retirement Planning (PhD) in 2018 from The American College
  • Charted Life Underwriter (CLU) 1972
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP) 1981
  • Accredited Estate Planner (AEP), Distinguished

Community Service

  • Chairman of the Board, American Family Living
  • Elder, Grace Church in Laguna Niguel, CA
  • Founding Trustee, Grace Classical Academy, a private school for families seeking a Christian classical education
  • President’s Council, Biola University
  • Regional Board Member, Link’s International