Discover The Scientific-Framework For Investment Portfolio Success That You Haven’t Heard From Other Financial Advisors

Has the wealth management expertise, research and advice you received to date from financial advisors led to sub-par investment portfolio returns?

According to a recent Dalbar study, the average investor received less than 3.4% Return on Investment over the last 20 years…

Compare that to the average annualized return of the S&P 500 Index, which was about 11.69% from 1973 to 2016.

If you’re scratching your head and wondering if your portfolio can do better, then you’re probably right.

Now this might surprise you…

But from with speaking with seasoned financial advisors and stock brokers across the country, we’ve learned that many do not know how to build an investment portfolio using historic data and the scientific method.

In other words, they have no measurable process for building investment portfolios.

In contrast, our low-cost investment approach is based on the research of five Nobel Prize winners dating back to the 1950’s.

Their research shows that the stock market is not homogeneous.

In other words, there are sub-markets within the stock market that out-perform the market as a whole.

Because of this, we’ve been able to outperform traditional active money managers by focusing on three primary factors we refer to as “Investment Anomalies” within sub-markets.

These 3 Factors are:


Book Market Ratio


The first of these, Capitalization, refers to the size of a company. Our research has found that Capitalization impacts the stock’s performance.

Secondly, the book market ratio has an impact on a stock’s return as well. This refers to the ratio of net worth to capitalization.

And finally, how profitable a company is determines value over time.

Now these might seem very obvious.

However, we’ve analyzed hundreds of investment portfolios and found that rarely do they take into account all three of these anomalies.

What we’ve discovered is that it’s how you combine these asset classes that determines the outcome of your portfolio over time.

At Wealth Teams Alliance, we’ve learned how to track asset classes to improve the value of investment portfolios over time.

We have recreated a proven methodology for determining how to build a portfolio using scientifically tested conclusions that researchers have made about investment anomalies.

Like a good chef, we use only the best ingredients to build portfolios that can match or beat the benchmark.

This proven methodology, known as the “Efficient Frontier,” can be used to effectively analyze your portfolio.

By performing what’s called an Expected-Return Analysis, we will be able to determine how much risk you are buying and where your investment portfolio lies on the Efficient Frontier.

If you’re frustrated with your annual returns and need a second opinion, this is a no-brainer.

We charge $1000 for this analysis…

However, if you come through our website and fill out the form below there is NO CHARGE!

If you’d like us to run an Expected Return Analysis on your portfolio, simply fill out the form below and we’ll follow up with you to get you started.


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