The Scientific-Framework For Investment Portfolio Success

Has the wealth management expertise & advice you’ve received from financial advisors led to sub-par returns?

If so, you might be scratching your head and wondering if your portfolio can do better. And you’re probably right.

According to a recent Dalbar study, the average investor received less than 3.4% Return on Investment over the last 20 years.

Now this might surprise you…

But from speaking with seasoned financial advisors and stock brokers across the country, we’ve learned that many do not know how to build an investment portfolio using historic data and a scientific method.

In other words, they have no measurable process for building investment portfolios.

Because of this many investors and those looking to retire are often left wondering, “where did my money go?”

However, building your investment portfolio doesn’t have to be a frustrating and confusing experience.

At Wealth Teams Alliance, we use a scientific framework that is based on the research of five Nobel Prize winners.

Their research shows that within the stock market there are sub-markets that out-perform the market as a whole.

By focusing on three primary factors within sub-markets we’ve been able to out-perform traditional active money managers. 

These 3 Factors are:


The size of a company

Book Market Ratio

The ratio of net worth to capitalization


How profitable a company is

Now these might seem very obvious.

However, we’ve analyzed hundreds of investment portfolios and found that rarely do they take into account all three of these factors.

We’ve discovered that how you combine & track these asset classes determines the outcome of your investments over time.

This systematic process of correctly combining and tracking asset classes is called the “Efficient Frontier.”

If you’re frustrated with your annual returns and need a second opinion on your portfolio performance, we can help.

By running an Expected Return Analysis, we can analyze how much risk you currently have in your portfolio and where it lies on the Efficient Frontier.

We typically charge $1000 for this analysis, however if you book a call through this page then there is no charge.

The process is straight-forward and will give you the peace of mind to know if it’s possible for your portfolio to perform better.

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