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How Well Do You Know Your Investment Portfolio?

Markets reflect all information immediately, there is no delay


You can estimate future growth in your portfolio by looking at the Expected Return


Markets go up and markets go down, but they mostly go up...


The two risks - inflation and market loss - are GUARANTEED to happen


Active Managers pay for their fees through better performance


Investing in the Market is essentially an average - 50% of the market will do better and 50% will do worse


"Average Return" and "Internal Rate of Return" are the same thing


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Investment Guidance

We utilize conclusions from five Nobel Prizes winning research papers to formulate our investment strategies.

Retirement Planning

Our team of tax professionals work with you to deliver strategies to legally optimize your tax efficiencies.

Tax Planning

No one wants to work forever, so we help you craft and execute a plan for when and how you retire.

Legacy Planning

Whether it’s your children,
grandchildren, or favorite charity – we want to maximize your legacy.

Guy Baker was selected as one of the Top 250 Advisors in the country by Worth Magazine

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