What Happened To My Money?

If the wealth management expertise, research, and advice you received to date has led to less-than-stellar portfolio returns—and left you scratching your head and wondering “what happened to my money?”—then you really must watch this short video all the way through because…

“Modern Portfolio Theory Has Historically Beaten Traditional Active Manager Returns by 25% or More!”

And if your investment advisor isn’t using our FOUR FACTOR MODEL –developed from the 1990 Nobel Prize winners in Economics – you could be victims of too much risk, incredibly high expenses and could be losing 40-50% of your annual return!


According to a recent Dalbar study, the AVERAGE investor received less than 3.4% Return On Investment over the last 20 years. Compare this to the overall market return of 10.5% using our methodologies! Press play to learn more about this exciting way to beat traditional active managers now (before your portfolio erodes even further)

Did you know:

  • Over the last 45 years, Guy has helped many investors protect their investments from market chaos
  • During the last 85 years if you missed the BOUNCE (just 35 months out of 1040 months – 3% of the market performance) you MISSED 98% of the market return
  • Over the last 20 years, the AVERAGE investor received less than 3.4% Return On Investment According to a recent Dalbar study. Our methodologies beat this overall market return by 300%!

Do you ever feel out of control and find yourself wondering if you should continue taking risks in the stock market? And then wondering if you are just being a worry wart? Is there a smarter way to invest than the way you are doing it? Why does it seem every time you invest, the market goes south and you end up losing money?

Questions Every Investor Should Know:

#1 – Do you know how much risk you are taking in your portfolio and exactly what type of risk you are buying?

Every portfolio has risk, that’s a given. But not all risk was created equal. Some portfolios with the same allocations have more risk than others.

#2 – How come institutional investors fared so much better than the common investor?

Did you know you can now buy the same investments and benefit from exactly the same strategies used by the largest institutional investors to manage their portfolios?

#3 – Does your portfolio match your Investment Policy Statement? More to the point, do you even have a written Investment Policy Statement?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a magic crystal ball that could predict the future so you could know which stocks to select and more importantly which ones to avoid?

“If You Answered Yes To Any Of These Questions
 Getting An Expected Return Analysis Could Be Extremely Beneficial To Your Wealth”

It is a documented fact many investors buy more risk than their expected portfolio return requires. I have been advising clients since 1966. In all those years, I have never met anyone who could tell me how much risk they have purchased. Many have no idea what I am talking about or why they own the stocks they own or how it fits their Investment Policy Statement.

There have been some major market upheavals during the last 25 years – both up and down. The most significant movement was the recent steep decline of the stock market from in 2008.

Through all this turbulence and speculation
the Wealth Teams Solution has done extremely well

Dalbar Study Shows Market Outperformed Investors

During the last 20 years, according to a Dalbar study, investors have only received a 3.4% return on their capital. Yet, the market has earned more than 10.5% during the same time frame. Why?

Well, it is NOT because the thousands of stock pickers scouring the financial sectors everyday for good buys are not smart. They are. It is NOT because the market movements are unpredictable. They are. And it is NOT because there are not disciplined, proven formulas for picking stocks based on market fundamentals, with proven methodologies backed by a good research team. There are.

It is NOT for any of those reasons. It’s because there are FOUR factors which impact return and most every investor is NOT adequately controlling them.

At Wealth Team Solutions, we decided to use the proven research and methodology that won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1990. We discovered how to take the proven investment strategies of large institutional investors and make them available to every day people, like you and me.

Guy Baker is now offering to provide an Expected Return Analysis ($1000 value) for FREE, for anyone who signs up on this website page. In addition to getting a better understanding of your personal portfolio performance, you receive access to Guy Baker’s short video presentations where you will learn about how smaller investors are able to take advantage of what smart money people have known for more than 40 years. Please sign up below if you are interested in receiving an Expected Return Analysis and access to this free video series.

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