The Great Wealth Erosion

Managing Director, Guy Baker, wanted to write a book that clearly showed why an investment strategy that mitigates downside risk is so important for our clients. He also wanted to show how he came to these conclusions. This book is the culmination of over twenty years of analysis, study and practical experience. While the book may seem short and even overly simplified at times, it is well documented and represents the essence of our market-based investing philosophy.

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Baker’s DozenGuy's 13 fundamental principles for financial independence

Guy’s 13 fundamental principles for financial independence are time-tested and philosophically sound principles. You will learn firsthand from Guy’s own experience how he applied these principles to create wealth in his own life. Recently updated, this 188 page book highlights the value of securing the family’s welfare before taking on the risk of higher yields.

What investment strategies should an investor mix together to achieve long term financial success?Investment Alchemy

What investment strategies should an investor mix together to create a plan for long-term financial success? Investment Alchemy describes a sensible, systematic method for shaping your investment decisions for the long term.

Written by Guy Baker and Rick Jensen, this 180 page book was also recently updated. It guides you through the components of Modern Portfolio Theory and gives you a method to make intelligent investment choices. Learn how to manage risk using concepts such as diversification, efficient frontier, efficient markets, asset allocation, and market timing.


Not all risk is equal. How much risk are you buying?Manage Markets Not Stocks

Can you answer these important questions?

  • Every portfolio buys risk. Not all risk is equal. Do you know how much risk and what type of risk you are buying?
  • Based on your Investment Policy Statement are you buying more risk than you need?
  • Do you know in which markets you are invested?
  • Do you know how the largest institutional investors manage their portfolios?
  • Do you have an Investment Policy Statement, and do you know why having one is important?
This 22 page booklet answers these important questions about long-term investing.

In the last years before you retire, maximize the earnings on your savingsMaximize the Red Zone

Most business owners work a lifetime building an organization so they can convert it to income at retirement. But when is the best time to start the process? We call this the Red Zone. It is the final distance between where you are when you begin to plan for retirement and where you will be when you are ready to turn off the lights for the last time.

Guy has written a 32 page booklet available for free to business owners that will help jump-start the thinking process as they approach retirement. It gives an introduction to the issues and opportunities available in The Red Zone.

FAQ About Modern Portfolio Theory

This most recent booklet answers frequent questions concerning Modern Portfolio Theory. Guy’s easy reading style makes the mathematics of investing interesting and understandable.

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