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ATTENTION Americans Living OUTSIDE THE US: US Brokerage Firms Are Closing The Accounts Of American Expats.…

“Americans Living Abroad With Investments Back in the U.S. Are Being Forced To Close Their Investment Accounts By U.S. Banks And Major Brokerage Firms Due To the New Fiduciary Law and FATCA – A Law That Requires Them To Report Your Financial Status to the Government if You Are an Expat.”

You Can NOW Take Back Control Over Your Investment Accounts – We’ve Transitioned Millions of Expat Assets, Saved Hours of Frustration for Our Clients, and Helped Them Solve the Exchange Rate Volatility Issues . . . and Now We Are Available to Help You.


Did You Know:

  • Major Brokerage Firms are closing smaller accounts because they cannot meet the NEW FIDUCIARY standards imposed by the Department of Labor.
  • More IMPORTANT, Did you know, according to Dalbar, the average investor portfolio has returned for the last 20 years less than 4.00%?
  • Yet, if you had invested in market-based portfolios, not trying to “time” or “beat the market”, you would have earned closer to 10.00%. * (Past performance is no guarantee of future results and does not represent performance of accounts held by clients of Wealth Teams Solutions.)
  • Using economic research and normative investment models (based on four Nobel Prize winning research papers in finance) you could have invested in markets instead of trying to find the top performing stocks.

Who is this for: If you have been living outside the United States for five years or longer, with at least $100,000 in your pension fund, want to avoid having your account closed, avoid paying unnecessary taxes to the U.S. government, want to gain more control of your investments and be free to realize better returns on your pension funds, we recommend that you contact us.

Who is this NOT for: If you don’t have assets in your pension funds of at least $100,000, or if you plan on liquidating your accounts, then you probably don’t need us.

Many Americans have moved abroad for various reasons and are enjoying their lifestyle outside the United States. But their money, they left in U.S., is suddenly at risk.

There are four things they share in common:

  1. They are having a hard time finding a place to invest their U.S. funds because many of the major custodians and investment firms are not accepting their accounts.
  2. Worse, they have been informed, their accounts are being closed and they need to move their money.
  3. Regardless of whether they return to the U.S., they want more control and flexibility with their investments.
  4. They want better returns than their retirement funds are currently earning.

Sadly, they don’t know where to go or who to ask.

U.S. banks and major brokerage firms and custodians, with increasing frequency, are telling their account holders there are new restrictions or even worse, they must close the account.

In some cases, this is because of their status as non-U.S. resident status. In other cases, it is because these firms do not want to deal with the DOL Fiduciary rules for accounts less than $2,000,000.

These actions are being taken by a broad range of U.S. financial institutions and notably include Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, UBS, Merrill Lynch, CITI Bank, Chase and Wells Fargo. These are business decisions that have been made because of the complexity the U.S. government is now imposing upon them to accurately report and maintain these accounts.

This follows on the heels of widespread action by non-U.S. financial institutions to revoke and refuse services to expat Americans as a result of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).  Consequently, Americans abroad find it increasingly difficult to locate banking and investment services both in the U.S. and abroad.  Even where they remain welcome as clients, the range of services and product availability is typically restricted.

When you try to move funds, these institutions will ask you if you have a U.S. mailing address. In many cases, U.S. Expats do not have an active U.S. address. If this is the case, they will not open an account for you.

In other cases, you may have a U.S. address, but you don’t have an advisor. Many of these Institutions are only willing to deal with Registered Investment Advisors. To be an RIA, you must be registered in either the state of residence or have enough assets under management to be registered with the SEC. Most who hold themselves out as investment advisors fail to meet these requirements.

As a result, two things happen:

First, these dollars could be confiscated and held until the Expat comes back to the U.S. and claims the money. This is time consuming and may present problems of documentation and proof of ownership. Who needs this problem?

Or second, even if you can find a home for your money, the firm is unable to provide investment options that are efficient and effective for your personal investment goals. Imagine having restrictions placed on where you can invest and in what you can chose from.

Up until now, there have been few if any legitimate ways for Americans living abroad to control their investments AND maintain their tax benefits. Wealth Teams Solutions can SOLVE this Problem. We have an alliance with an international brokerage firm that wants to be your custodian. It is a legal and ethical way for you to SOLVE your problem. It is flexible, effective and cost efficient.

Learn how to do this now or you may be leaving YOUR money on the table… lots of it!


Here is what you need to know about FATCA:

FATCA was created by the U.S. Government to stop the flow of untaxed income to foreign nationals. But it swept up, into the compliance net, anyone who is an U.S. citizen living abroad. As a result, if you have money in the U.S. but live in Spain, the UK or elsewhere, you are likely being asked to move your money. But where? How do you find an institution that will open and maintain your account? More important, if you find such an institution, what are your investment options? What the fees – disclosed and undisclosed? Who is going to help you make these decisions? What is that going to cost?

At the same time, the Department of Labor has implemented, effective April 2017, new compliance and fiduciary rules for IRAs and other pension monies. Investments that have been consistently used for these tax deferred vehicles may no longer be available. What are your options? What is the best way to invest your retirement money?

When is the best time to start taking your retirement income? And if you are a UK citizen, when you start to draw benefits at retirement age, then you are likely to be liable to U.S. income tax, not only on every penny received in pension payments but also on the “tax free” cash lump sum that may be available from your UK scheme. Furthermore, in the event of your premature death, any specified death benefit paid to a spouse or dependent may also become liable to U.S. income tax.

Don’t do this!

You can avoid paying excessive taxes.

But to do so, you must ACT and contact a specialist who understands these laws and can help you.

At Wealth Teams Solutions, our advisors have been in the board rooms of some of the largest companies in the world and met some of the most incredible industry leaders. We have many years of experience serving the needs of our clients.

Wealth Teams Top Facta Investment AdvisorPersonally, I have served as the President of the most prestigious international association for top financial advisors in the world and a personal relationship with some of the most successful financial planners in the world. This network is available to help you, no matter where you live. But more important, we have the knowledge, the process and the answers for you. That is why I am sending you this invitation.

Over the 50+ years we have been serving clients, our organization has placed over $1 billion of life insurance for our clients. We have implemented and managed more than 200 company 401k and pension plans and we manage today, personal investment assets for our clients, exceeding $250 million.

On this journey, we have come to realize, to be successful, both personally and financially, there are three critical elements to success.

First, you must have a written plan, a defined goal and a path to attain it.

Second, you must have the willingness to be introspective and rigorously honest. Being idealistic is a good start, but true success comes from the practical implementation of your plan and allowing others to hold you accountable. Idealism, by itself, accomplishes nothing.

But the third element to success is the depth and breadth of your network. We do not walk the life alone. You have to know where to go, what to do and who to trust. Flying alone is not only lonely, it means you may be isolated from the best resources and advisors. The Bible says there is wisdom in many counselors. That is one of things we do for people, we connect them to the right people in the right way. Significant wealth has been lost because people trusted the wrong people. A strong network can minimize or eliminate that risk entirely.

Over these past decades, I have written several books and many articles on planning and investing. I have spoken to audiences all over the world, teaching them the principles of financial success. Where did I learn this?

It was 1992, when I was invited to a seminar and introduced to the work of four amazing individuals, all of whom received Nobel Prizes for their research and theories on how to minimize market risk and optimize return. This information was transformative. I adopted their methodology immediately and we have been using it ever since. We have tested these theories now, for more than 25 years, and I can tell you, the results have lived up to the expectations.

When I first learned about this, I made a decision to NOT introduce this immediately to clients. The worst thing any financial advisor can do, is offer a “new” untested idea, not matter how good it sounds. I did not want to offer something to friends and clients, until I was fully convinced their process would deliver on the promises. But now, having seen these theories protect and grow capital during two of the worst investment markets in the last 90 years, I am convinced anyone who will listen, should hear about this. If you are interested, I am inviting you to join me on a webinar and allow me to share with you this journey and what I discovered.

I am inviting you to join me, because I care about you and believe these concepts can make a big difference in your life. Many clients have benefited from this methodology over the years. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme, by any measure. In fact, it is the opposite. It is tortoise approach to investing. Markets are not supposed to be exciting or glamorous. They just plod along. But in the long run, markets have tended to outperform individual stock picking. Regardless of whether you select your stocks through actively managed mutual funds or through individual stock selection, market based investing has historically outperformed active management over the longer term by any reasonable measure.

To hear more about this, simply join my network of clients and friends. It will not cost you anything. The process is simple.

To help you understand this new program and how it works, fill out the form below we’ll have a free, no-obligation consultation over the phone and answer all your questions. We can show you exactly what you need to do to take back control of your accounts and help you design a portfolio of investments designed to help protect your assets and income for the years to come.

On this free, no-obligation, information only call, here’s what you will learn:

  • What this program is all about
  • How to know if you are at risk
  • Using a U.S. address abroad
  • What to do if your account is closed
  • FATCA rules and what you need to know
  • What kinds of returns your funds could have compared to different options
  • What fees are involved
  • What you need to do to make this happen

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* Source: Dalbar Annual Report Of Investor Returns  http://www.dalbar.com/Portals/dalbar/cache/News/PressReleases/DALBAR%20Pinpoints%20Investor%20Pain%202015.pdf