Divorce Counseling Financial Workshop

Many people who are going through the emotional trauma of divorce are faced with the additional turbulence caused by economic pressures. These pressures are manageable, but because of the stress of the divorce, our clients find clear thinking and manageable options to be very valuable. Unfortunately, this stress can cause people to make BAD DECISIONS that are irreparable and have long term negative consequences. Here are FIVE areas of frequent concern we find are important for our clients to review and manage.

  1. Budgeting
  2. Debt Management
  3. Capital Expenditures
  4. Tax Planning
  5. Wealth Management


Having a clear spending plan is the best way to protect you against the financial problems that can beset a newly divorced person. Our budgeting template will help you determine the best way to allocate your income and give you a clear picture of how much money you have each month to spend on your living needs.

Debt Management

Too often there is considerable debt included in the settlement between spouses. What is the best way to control this debt and pay it off without hurting your financial security? Our debt management process allows you to fully understand the liabilities and options you have for paying what you owe. In many cases, debts can be consolidated and the monthly payments can be reduced. The first response may be to liquidate valuable assets to payoff any indebtedness. However, this may be the worst decision under the circumstances. Our debt specialists will work with you to find the best solution for managing your debt opportunities.

Capital Expenditures

Should you buy a house? A car? Or how are you going to fund a college education? Life goes on after divorce and these questions are critical to maintaining a stable life style. Each decision needs to have a thoughtful and comprehensive analysis done before the answer is obvious. Our counselors understand the sensitivity and importance of these decisions and can help you evaluate the best path for your situation.

Tax Planning

After a divorce may be the first time you have ever had to deal with income taxes and planning for how to file your individual return. There many potential pitfalls and opportunities that can come up while you are preparing your return. This can be a onetime tax opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. Our Tax Specialists are trained to help you determine the best way to file your return and maximize your legal deductions.

Wealth Management

In some cases, we have seen divorcees receive significant distributions from their share of the community property. However, they have NEVER had to manage the investments and are ill-equipped to make wise and long ranging decisions. As a result, their nest egg may be jeopardized and lost before they have learned how to protect it. It is a critical time to get a second opinion on how much risk you are buying and what it is costing. Our Investment Analysts are schooled in helping our clients find the best portfolio for their circumstances.

Our Wealth Team is available to help you through this difficult and emotional transition. If you would like to evaluate our services and how we can help you, please call and set up an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and helping you through this important stage of your life.

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